About us

Welcome to our world of passion. We are Line Louise Overgaard and Mona El  Alaoui. We are both certified Passion Test Facilitators and we live our lives with joy, energy, presence and passion. We want the same for you.

Line Louise Overgaard


My name is Line Louise Overgaard, 44 years old. Today, I live a life of joy, presence, passion and meaning. I generally experience a deep love and gratitude for life. This has not always been the case for me… It has been a long, exciting and sometimes hard journey towards a life where joy and passion is that what I experience most of – every day.

Are you annoyed or maybe even sad or scared to read this? Perhaps you think “what kind of go-happy freak is she”? I understand if you have trouble believing it. I have had that too. I have had a hard time believing that we, as human beings, really – indeed REALLY – can fully (or almost) free ourselves from experiencing (mental) suffering and pain.

Could it really be true? My answer is clearly YES – and it REALLY could be true for you as well. I have experienced it on my own body. And it is actually easy when we get started. The hard thing is to get started and especially start believing that it can be done. Once we have boarded and started the journey, it is in fact both exciting, easy and fun step by step to experience more and more joy, energy and meaning in life. It feels like the puzzle pieces fall into place.

Especially three things have been crucial on my journey to living a life full of joy and energy (and in fact, the three things have a lot in common):

1. Reading and meeting Presence and The Power of Now (Eckart Tolle)
2. The Pathfinder Leadership Programme (Stifinderprogrammet)
3. The Passion Test

If you are curious to know more about my story, please reach out to me.

My Contribution
As a person, inspirator, facilitator and coach, I am present, committed, curious, open minded and responsible. I am passionate about inspiring others to experience success and to live a life full of joy, passion and meaning. Yes, that is simply my life purpose.

My Energy Sources
I generally get my energy from healthy and nutritious food, handball, meditation, nature, yoga, dance, music, horses and presence with my nearest and dearest. I also get energy from inspiring others to live their lives with joy, passion and meaning – and from engaging in meaningful communities where I experience togetherness and connectedness.

My Inspiration Sources
Some of the people who have had the greatest influence and significance in my life are:

Eckart Tolle, Jens Enemark (student of Bob More and head of Center for Self-development), my closest friends Mette, Louise, Linda and Stine, my partner in life Jakob, my children Emil and Oliver, Henrik Kærgaard (the first professional facilitator, I met), Lasse Zäll (Founder of the Pathfinder Leadership Programme), Susanne Manly and Casper Littrup (from Herrmann International Denmark), Steen Hildebrandt, Arawana Hayashi, Marianne Williamson, Janet B. Attwood, and Byron Katie.

My Qualifications
✓ Certified Passion Test for Business Facilitator, 2017
✓ Certified Passion Test Facilitator, 2016
✓ IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), 2016
✓ Certified Coach (KaosCoach, CoachCamp), 2010
✓ Pathfinder Leadership Programme, 2009
✓ Certified HBDI Practitioner, 2008
✓ M.Sc. in Building Design, 2000
✓ More than 10 years of experience as project manager and facilitator* of creativity & innovation
✓ Appreciate the gift it is to have a son who is extremely sensitive (=autistic)
✓ Have given birth without experiencing pain, using the “birth without pain” method (no anesthetic)
✓ Have learned to appreciate the wake-up call, I got after suffering from a serious fall from a horse 
✓ Have experienced a depression and have grown stronger from it with many valuable insights
✓ More than 15 years of experience with personal development, meditation and mindfulness

* where groups of people with various backgrounds, interests, knowledge, and experiences reach common goals in a way they perceive as meaningful and value creating.

Mona El Alaoui

Mona El Alaoui has established herself as a motivational, inspiring International and Executive Life Coach who employs highly effective empowerment, change management, and self-actualization strategies for a broad range of clients. Leveraging a strong international background, advanced training in Holistic Life Coaching, and a diverse body of corporate and public sector experience. Mona offers a comprehensive suite of services for executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who want to make a positive difference in the world- and within themselves.

“It is not enough to take steps which may someday lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As an Executive Life Coach, Mona brings her passion for humankind, her understanding of worldwide cultures, and her corporate business acumen to the forefront. She has lived in over 14 different countries and created sustainable, lasting relationships with men and women from over 75 countries as a true citizen of the world. In addition, Mona’s professional experience includes both non-profit and private sector positions with such multinational and world-renowned organizations as UNICEF, Procter & Gamble, Beiersdorf , and Johnson Wax. Her diverse background allows Mona to draw from a wealth of experiences and apply a holistic, integrated, and enthusiastic Coaching style to best empower her clients in their professional and personal lives.

Mona’s work with UNICEF provided her the opportunity to create marketing and business development strategies that heightened the organization’s profile and offerings on a global scale. In a 6+-year tenure with Procter & Gamble, her contributions as a Senior Brand Manager, Brand Manager, and Consultant resulted in dramatic sales and market share growth for key product offerings, as well as a substantial turnaround for a previously declining business. For Beiersdorf Morocco, Mona created innovative solutions for key business development objectives, including a re-launch that transformed one of its flagship brands (Nivea) in Morocco. And with Johnson Wax, she achieved a double-digit increase within a high-profile category despite a limited budget and resources.

The driving force behind all these achievements is Mona’s determination to surpass expectations, exceed goals and make the best out of any opportunity or situation she is in. She thrives on challenges and uses these as motivation to achieve personal and professional success, regardless of how insurmountable the obstacle may seem. Her Non-Profit and Corporate Leadership experience provides an added benefit to executives and entrepreneurs requiring an Executive Life Coach who has “been there and done that.”

Mona graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. Her professional training is extensive, supplying her with the methodologies and tools to provide the highest level of coaching for a diverse client base. She communicates exceptionally well with individuals from all over the world, speaking the language of the heart as well as fluent in French, English, Arabic,good Italian and basic skills in Turkish. Mona’s education and credentials position her ideally to coach leaders and contributors alike in their quest to fulfill their work and life dreams.  

Mona’s workshops are designed to teach participants about the most effective strategies for conquering obstacles and challenges in their professional and personal lives. She offers training on becoming self-empowered, achieving an optimal work-life balance, transforming oneself through positive change, resolving external and internal conflicts, assimilating and integration within cultures, Women empowerment, understanding of multicultural body language basics, the Art of Listening, and many other areas.

Mona takes a very active role in her coaching practice, working directly with each client on strategy, execution, and follow-up. Mona’s Life Coaching offering is a high-energy, vibrant program that will leave a lasting impression on its participants and set them on the path towards empowerment, fulfilment, and true happiness.

Where do you get your energy, joy and inspiration from? And what unique combination of qualifications and talents have you been gifted with?