The Passion Test

The Passion Test is an effective system and tool to help you create clarity and focus in terms of the life that you dream of creating for yourself.

The Passion Test enables you to start creating your life in a way that fills you with joy, energy and fullfilment. Every day. All your life.

The Passion Test Workshop
You can take The Passion Test as a participant in one of my 3-hour or 6-hour workshops (together with 10-100 other participants). When you participate in the 6-hour workshop, you also get a motivational speech – and the opportunity to participate in a passion network or an intensive and exclusive 6-week course in a small group of 4-6 participants. Find prices and offers here.

Individual (one-on-one) Session
An individual session is 2 times 1½ hour (3 hours in total). I recommend approx. 1 week between the two sessions. Sessions can either take place with me in Aarhus or online (via Skype eller Zoom). Find prices and offers here.

Most people find it difficult to change old habits and patterns that are in the way of fully living the life they ​​dream of – especially if they are alone in making the change. Therefore, I offer a 3-month follow-up course where you meet for 3 hours in a small confidential group of 4-6 participants twice a month (a total of 6 times = 18 hours). Find prices and offers here.

The Passion Test
Read more about The Passion Test here.